Pog 07 (orcish frat boy)

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pog #07 (orcish frat boy)
pog #07 (orcish frat boy)

This is a small cardboard disc with an Orcish frat boy printed on it. It's also a little damp -- looks like the picture of a frat boy spilled his picture of a pitcher of beer.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Does all sorts of crazy things

(In-game plural: pog #07s (orcish frat boy))
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Item number: 5521
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Obtained From

pack of pogs (0-3)

When Used

You throw the pog at the ground, and it almost hits a tiny frat boy who wanders in at that exact moment. "Dude, watch it, bro!" he shouts, angrily, in his tiny tiny voice.

The tiny frat orc throws half a can of stale beer on your opponent, dealing 8-11 damage.

  • Some condition:
The tiny frat orc leaps into the air and belches in your opponent's face.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 2
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 3
The tiny frat boy stumbles up to the Tiny Sorceress and says "Hey girl, you wanna come up to my room and-"

The Sorceress flicks her finger at him, dissolving him into a little cloud of aftershave, the lingering aftereffects (aftershaveeffects?) of which deal ?-90-? damage to your opponent.

(Frat orc is consumed.)

  • With all the other pogs out:
The tiny skleleton, the tiny pirate, the tiny frat boy, and the tiny hobo all join hands in the spirit of togetherness. And because they're all either dead drunk or just plain dead.

The itsy bitsy spider, the tiny hippy, and the little pog goblin hop up onto their shoulders.

The tiny warwelf and the tiny snowman climb to the top of the unsteady little mountain and form a third row.

The hellion slowly drifts to the top, adding the shining star to this Crimbo tree of tiny terrors.

The Tiny Sorceress, bored by the whole thing, causes a rift in space-time, collapsing the entire motley pyramid into a little ball of assorted squished monster parts, and hurls it at your opponent, dealing 52 (+48) (+55) (+51) (+52) (+45) damage.

  • With one already out:
You've already got one of those pogs in play.


  • The pog continues to act every round of combat.


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