Pog 10 (hobo)

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pog #10 (hobo)
pog #10 (hobo)

This is a little cardboard disk with a picture of a hobo printed on it. It'd be right at home in the boxcar of a model train.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Does all sorts of crazy things

(In-game plural: pog #10s (hobo))
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Item number: 5524
Description ID: 197328209
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Obtained From

pack of pogs (0-3)

When Used

You slam the pog into the ground in front of your opponent{s} just as a tiny hobo wanders in. "Hey, are -hic- are... You gonna -hic- eat that?" he slurs.

The tiny hobo drunkenly staggers into your opponent, somehow managing to deal 20-28 damage.

The tiny hobo and the tiny hippy lock arms, forming the most potent stench ever produced by something so small. It wafts toward your opponent, dealing 33 damage.
  • With one already out:
You've already got one of those pogs in play.


  • The pog continues to act every round of combat.


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