Potent potion of potency

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potent potion of potency
potent potion of potency

Did a prognosticator portend pugilism, but your preparations are too poor to provide proficient performance? Then drink this! You'll hit harder!

Type: potion
Selling Price: 36 Meat.
Effect: Ponderous Potency (5 Adventures)Weapon Damage +20

(In-game plural: potent potions of potency)
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Item number: 1611
Description ID: 844921127
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Obtained From

smudged alchemical recipe (0-1)


Still sm.gif orange  
Potion9.gif kumquat scrumdiddlyumptious solution
Equals.gif potent potion of potency

When Used

You guzzle the potion, then make that "Hooo-ah" noise that Al Pacino kept making in Scent of a Woman.
Strboost.gifYou acquire an effect: Ponderous Potency
(duration: 5-15 Adventures)


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