Private Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Jacket

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Private Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Jacket
Private Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Jacket

This is part of the uniform worn by Private Pepper, a cola-war veteran (though she later was promoted, and then got a doctorate degree, most people still call her Private) when she was promoting her new business venture -- a club where single men and women could come and chat, with private rooms for huggling. No one knows what the jacket's doing in the middle of the desert, or where Private Pepper went; maybe she chatted up the wrong woman's husband.

Type: shirt
Power: 130
Muscle Required: 50
Selling Price: 135 Meat.

50% Discount on Gift Packages

(In-game plural: Private Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Jackets)
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Item number: 2588
Description ID: 449989440
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Obtained From

An Oasis
swarm of scarab beatles



  • The item name is based on the Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the rank to which "Private Pepper" was evidently promoted.
  • Similarly, the doctorate degree would make her "Dr Pepper," a reference to the soft drink of the same name.
  • The item's description and enchantment refer to the Bartle Test, in which "hearts" are players who primarily focus on being a friendly member of the player community rather than in-game accomplishments. The test can be accessed here: Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology.


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