Rain-Doh box full of monster

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Rain-Doh box full of monster
Rain-Doh box full of monster

This is a pulsating black box with the soul of %copymonster in it and a button on the side. If you push the button, you'll fight the monster, and someone you don't know will get heartburn.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Rain-Doh boxes full of monster)
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Item number: 5564
Description ID: 965400716
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Obtained From

Rain-Doh black box

When Used

  • Upon clicking the [fight (1)] link, this item starts a combat against the monster which was copied with the Rain-Doh black box. The monster's usual pre-fight text is replaced with:
"You play back the recording and a big ol' %copymonster appears!"
  • However, if the monster copied in the box is uncopyable, however (usually by a monster's copyable status being changed):
You push the button on the side of the box, but all it does is make a weird noise. Huh.
Raindohbox.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh black box


  • The combat consumes one adventure, except in the case of a BRICKO bat, BRICKO ooze, or any of the Mini-Hipster combat encounters.
  • When fighting a copied monster, you can use the Rain-Doh black box to copy the monster again, allowing you to fight the same monster over and over again (although the box/sheet is limited to 5 uses per day).
  • Can be used when falling-down drunk.
  • When viewed without having this item in inventory (without a monster captured?), "%copymonster" is replaced with "something totally unrecognizable".


  • Just like with the Rain-Doh black box, pressing the box's button to cause the heartburn of someone you don't know is a reference to the short story, Button, Button, by Richard Matheson.

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