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Well, you've fought your way down the tube, and you appear to have found the brains of the operation. Or at least... the eyes?

Are you ready to put this oozing hole to bed?


Turns out somebody already beat up Mother Slime. You wander off, disappointed.

You can't pick a fight with Mother Slime right now because your clanmate <name> is currently fighting her.

  • If someone has defeated the Mother Slime, then closed and reopened the Slime Tube:

It looks like somebody in your clan took care of all of this slime while you were taking a nap inside it. You see a rope leading back up to the edge of the tube.

Climb Up

You wriggle back up the tube and out into the basement.

  • Else:
Mother Slime This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)


You leave Mother Slime alone.

Occurs at The Slime Tube


  • This monster's graphic, as well as the zone itself, could very well be based off the NES game Abadox. (The last bosses are even similar looking!)