Slimy Shoulders

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Slimy Shoulders

Slimy Shoulders

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

Your shoulders are really slimy, which makes it especially easy to brush them off when you're feeling like a pimp.

  • With less than 100% lubrication, the description reads: (Your shoulders are X% lubricated, giving you +(X/5)% combat initiative)
  • With 100% lubrication, the description reads: (Your shoulders are maximally lubricated, giving you +20% combat initiative)

+X% Combat Initiative

Source: slime-soaked sweat gland
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Gives +10% shoulder lubrication for each sweat gland used, up to 10 uses, for a total of +20% Combat Initiative


  • This skill may be made Permanent which retains the lubrication percentage across ascensions. If a player uses one or more slime-soaked sweat glands and does not perm this skill upon ascension, the lubrication percentage drops to 0, but the game will remember how many the player had used previously when they use another one. If this skill is made Permanent before ten of the item are used, the player may still use up to ten, and the effects will stack on accordingly, and the skill will not need to be made Permanent again.
  • If 10 of these are used and the player does not perm the skill upon ascension, the player may use another sweat gland to acquire the skill in the run they wish to make the skill permanent. This will not boost the skill's power, merely make it accessible so that they may make it Permanent.


  • The Jay-Z song "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" exhorts the listener -- if he is feeling like a pimp -- to go and brush his shoulders off. (No sexist bias is intended, as ladies is pimps too -- go and brush your shoulders off!)

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