Stuffed doppelshifter

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stuffed doppelshifter
stuffed doppelshifter

This is a shiny, amorphous blob of stretchy fabric stuffed with little round beans. It'd be a pretty lousy representation of just about any animal, but it's a pretty decent rendering of a doppleshifter[sic].

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Randomly Becomes a Different Combat Item When Used

(In-game plural: stuffed doppelshifters)
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Item number: 1394
Description ID: 175744599
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Uncle-30px.gif 1 googly eye 1 stuffing
Equals.gif stuffed doppelshifter

When Used

The stuffed doppelshifter transforms into a different item: (random combat item)
(new item is automatically used)

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