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Damage range

stuffing fluffer
stuffing fluffer

This gizmo is like a little softball-sized boiler, which you put in the oven with your pan of stuffing, and it releases just the right amount of steam at the right intervals to make sure your stuffing comes out fluffy, but also with a crisply browned top.

It also, for some reason, has a little "OVERLOAD" button, and the metal casing is scored to produce maximum shrapnel. So that's weird.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: usable (also usable in combat)
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

(In-game plural: stuffing fluffers)
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Item number: 9164
Description ID: 876668521
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Obtained From

A traveling Thanksgiving salesman (3 cashews)

When Used

  • From inventory (before starting or after finishing the war):
You consider pushing the button, but this thing looks like it could blow up a lot of people, and you don't really have any reason to kill a whole lot of people at once right now. Boy, what kind of a life do you have, that I had to say "right now"?
  • From inventory (during the war):
You head over to the battlefield where the hippies and frat orcs are fighting, push the overload putton, and lob the device into the fray. It gets the undivided attention of a whole lot of guys, but only for a very brief amount of time.
  • In combat:
You punch the overload button, and hurl the stuffing fluffer at your enemy. They explode in a shower of metal shards and steam and ?-61-? damage.



  • Will not blow up the battlefield if used as a combat item.
  • When used to blow up the battlefield, the fluffer kills 36-46 soldiers on each side.
  • Multiples may be used; you can clear the entire battlefield only using these.


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