Teflon shield

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teflon shield
teflon shield

This shield is to danger what a duck's back is to water. And unless you use duck's backs for some really unorthodox purpose, you'll know what this means -- that this shield will keep you safe from all manner of threats. Plus, it makes a really fast makeshift toboggan, in case the need for that ever comes up.

Type: off-hand item (shield)
Damage Reduction: 14
Muscle Required: 85
Selling Price: 125 Meat.

Muscle +10%
Damage Reduction: 10
Damage Absorption +50

(In-game plural: teflon shields)
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Item number: 3711
Description ID: 157322254
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Hatpants.gif rusty valve wheel teflon ore
Equals.gif teflon shield


  • The line "really fast makeshift toboggan" may be a reference to Willow, in which Willow and Madmartigan toboggan down a snowy mountain on a shield to escape the army of the sorceress Bavmorda.
  • The mention of really fast tobogganing may also be a reference to the toboggan scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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