Temporary Blindness

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Temporary Blindness

Temporary Blindness

Exposure to too much of that stuff that comes out of the Evil Day-Star has made you temporarily blind. (Or there's something over or in your eyes. You can't tell because you can't see what it is.) It's like that time back in Adventurer College where you sewed your eyes shut on a dare, but with less blood. It's really hard to see.

-75% Item Drops from Monsters
Moxie -25%
-30% Combat Initiative

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Effect number: 180
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Obtained From


  • Causes all enemy encounters to appear as darkness, hides their attack messages (except for critical hit messages), and changes item drop and pickpocketing acquisition messages to
    SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
  • Familiar actions and Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn actions are described as:
Darkness-small.gif <familiar> (or someone) does something, but you can't tell what.
  • Dealing damage is described as:
You don't see what happens next, but it sounds like it deals about X damage.
  • All non-combat adventures and pickpocket attempts behave normally.
  • Also replaces your successful dodge message with:
You hear the monster moving towards you, so you make an attempt not to be where you just were. It seems to work.
  • As in the game NetHack, having Strange Mental Acuity active will allow you to see your enemies during combat even while blind.
  • Jellyfish Vision will show you the enemy name, but attack messages and item drops are still hidden.
  • Originally prevented you from spending adventures in The LAAAAME Observatory.
  • If you are finding items for the Bounty Hunter Hunter, you will still get the (X of Y found) message even though you will "acquire... something."
  • Oddly, the Hugo's Weaving Manual and the beer lens shows the item image and name when acquired while blind.
  • Items dropped by altered monsters on the One Crazy Random Summer path can still be seen.
  • Yellow pixels dropped by a Puck Man or Ms. Puck Man will still appear.
  • The item image and name will also appear when using the Rave Steal combo to force a drop.
  • CLEESHing a monster whilst blind gives the message:
    You cast CLEESH at your opponent. It turns into ... some kind of amphibian, you imagine.
  • Monsters can be identified while blind (albeit a limited number of times per day) by use of certain skills, or sometimes by inference from the monster's element and phylum.
  • Prior to 2023/09/12, Crown/Bjorn actions erroneously used the standard familiar message. This was changed with the inclusion of (or someone).

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