The Crown of Ed the Undying/Chat Thoughts

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

More thoughts and items?

List of thoughts that you may see in the chat pane while wearing The Crown of Ed the Undying. In all cases the name is a random player who is in a particular chat channel, not one simply listening to that channel.


  • [Playername] is thinking about numbers going up.
  • [Playername] is thinking about [item].
  • [Playername] is thinking about [item] and [item].
  • [Playername] is thinking about a [food] and [food] sandwich.
  • [Playername] is thinking about a [item], for some reason.
  • [Playername] is thinking about a(n) [adjective] [item]. Weird.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is real pretty.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is amazingly groovy.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is super tough.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is smart and also really dumb.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is quite badass.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is kind of weird.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is amazingly stinky.
  • [Playername] is thinking [playername] is wildly cool.
  • [Playername] is thinking some rather rude words at you, having noticed your attempt to read their mind.


  • bills
  • boar
  • bobcat
  • butts
  • cat
  • cow
  • dogs
  • earthworm
  • eel
  • frog
  • goblins
  • hat
  • internet memes
  • lemur
  • lion
  • llama
  • marmoset
  • marmot
  • money
  • monkeys
  • pair of scissors
  • pizza
  • ponies
  • popcorn popper
  • porn
  • robots
  • rocks
  • rotary telegraph
  • sandwiches
  • snacks
  • tapeworm


  • burgundy
  • cerulean
  • crunchy
  • on fire
  • original
  • puce
  • rose
  • silver
  • steam-powered
  • tiny


When you get two players in the same thought, it can sometimes be the same player.