The Flea Market

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The place where all players, even those under level 5, can buy things from other players. Located in Market Square in the Seaside Town. Anybody may sell here, although there is a listing fee of 10 Meat + 1% of the selling price (rounded up) to sell an item in the Flea Market.

It is arranged into three sections, each with multiple subsections:

Note: Only players level 3 and above may enter, so not everyone, but anyone who used their first day's turns wisely can get in on day 1. Players that are in ronin or hardcore will not be able to purchase items from the Flea Market, regardless of whether or not they can actually get in.


  • On June 19th 2006 a trivial update was made stating that the Flea Market had undergone "random interface polishing".
  • The shirts section is invisible unless you have Torso Awaregness.
  • It was formerly arranged into three sections:
    • food/drink
    • equipment
    • miscellaneous
  • It has been said repeatedly on the radio show that the Flea Market will be destroyed eventually.
  • If the item you posted in the Flea Market does not get bought within 48 hours, it will be returned to you.
  • If you try to enter the gash with things for sale the game tells you:
You may not ascend while you have items for sale in the Flea Market.
The section of Market Square that used to be the Flea Market is now just an empty lot full of scattered, torn, and bloodstained blankets. Several zombies are limping aimlessly about, grumbling quietly. They almost look like disappointed bargain-hunters.

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