The Pokémporium

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The Pokémporium

Nurse Felicity runs The Pokémporium in the Right Side of the Tracks during the Pocket Familiars challenge path. You can buy nutritional supplements for your pokefam as well as stylish hats.

Nurse Felicity Nurse Felicity

Welcome to the Pokémporium! I would offer to heal your pokéfam for you, but it looks like they're all fine. Would you like to purchase some nutritional supplements for them instead?

If your pokéfams have earned any levels since your last visit,

Your pokefams have gained X levels since you were here last. Congratulations -- you've earned some pokecash!

Pokedollar.gifYou acquire X 1,960 pokédollar bills

You've earned X pokebucks so far! Keep trainin' those pokefams!

Items for Sale:
Item: Price:
Pokepills3.gif bronze Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokepills5.gif ginseng Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokepills1.gif metandienone Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokepills6.gif piracetam Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokepills2.gif riboflavin Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokepills4.gif ultracalcium Pokedollar.gif 5
Pokehat.gif Team Avarice cap Pokedollar.gif 50
Pokehat.gif Team Sloth cap Pokedollar.gif 50
Pokehat.gif Team Wrath cap Pokedollar.gif 50
Pokehat.gif Mu cap Pokedollar.gif 50
Pokedollar.gif You have X 1,960 pokédollar bills.


  • Nurse Felicity, as well as her unique hairstyle, refers to the Nurse Joy character from Pokémon.
  • The Pokémporium's appearance resembles that of a Pokémon center within the Pokémon universe. Nurse Felicity's greeting regarding healing your Pokéfams is also a function that Pokémon centers usually provide.