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Welcome to The Shore, Inc.
Welcome to The Shore, Inc.

Welcome to The Shore, Inc., the finest travel agency in the Kingdom of Loathing. Our vacations are sure to be just the thing for a weary soul in need of rest and relaxation. Just select a package, pay up, and let us do the rest!

While on the Way of the Surprising Fist path, the following text is added:

Oh. Actually, you look... You look like you might be interested in our bargain option. It costs nothing, but it takes slightly longer, because you have to ride on one of our older ships, with the anim... with the carg... with the... with the other poor people.

While on the Zombie Slayer path, the following text appears instead:

The travel agent still seems rather perky and cheerful, for a zombie. "Booaaaaaaat?" she says, smiling at you. Well, for a loose definition of 'smile'.


Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure
(Costs 3 Adventures and 500 Meat)
Tropical Paradise Island Getaway
(Costs 3 Adventures and 500 Meat)
Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort
(Costs 3 Adventures and 500 Meat)
Check out the gift shop

If you go to take any of the three trips once you have acquired some forged identification documents, you will be whisked away for a special, one time trip.

Covert Operations

The Shore, Inc. is located at the Desert Beach.


  • Since The Shore, Inc. is a adventure.php location, you cannot visit it to get to the Shore Gift Shop if you are over drunk, since any attempted adventure results in a Drunken Stupor adventure instead.
    • This also means that you cannot visit the Gift Shop if you are out of adventures or at 0 HP. However, you can visit the Gift Shop with 1 or 2 adventures left.
  • Trophies
    • Taking 100 trips in one ascension allows you to buy the Little Boat Trophy.
    • Taking 1000 trips in one ascension allows you to buy the Big Boat Trophy
  • Trying to take a trip while Half-Astral gives the message:
"What? Where? Huh?"
  • Trying to take a trip with less than 500 Meat gives the message:
"You can't afford to go on a vacation."
  • Trying to take a trip with less than 3 adventures remaining gives the message:
"You shouldn't go on a vacation if you don't have time to truly enjoy it. Or go on it in the first place."
  • On average, you will receive (0.45 * mainstat) substats per stat-gaining trip, regardless of which location you are visiting. That is, if you are a moxie class and you shore for muscle, your muscle stat gain is based on your (unbuffed) moxie. In addition, you receive a Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip.
  • During a Way of the Surprising Fist path, taking a trip costs 5 meat (despite the text claiming it 'costs nothing'), but takes 5 adventures instead of 3.


  • Prior to the revamp on August 30, 2013, vacations were selected using radio buttons, and activated by pressing a button "Sail Away! (3)". There was a Frequent Traveler Program, which gave rewards once an ascension based on how many trips were taken this ascension.
    By the way, are you familiar with our Frequent Traveler Program? The more vacations you purchase from the Shore, Inc., the more goodies you'll get!
    • You have taken 5 trips so far. Congratulations! You've earned your first Frequent Traveler Reward!
    This reward was supposed to be a free trip to the Mysterious Island of Mystery, but we ran out of money. Luckily, we've got these fantastic boat plans for you! Just find some suitable wood, use these plans to build your boat, and you can sail there on your own!
    Boatplan.gifYou acquire an item: dinghy plans
    • You have taken 12 trips so far. Congratulations! You've won a fabulous Meat Globe!
      Meatglobe.gifYou acquire an item: meat globe
    • You have taken 23 trips so far. Congratulations! You've won a groovy pair of fuzzy dice!
      Dice.gifYou acquire an item: fuzzy dice
    • You have taken 32 trips so far. Congratulations! You've won a fabulous toaster!
      Toaster.gifYou acquire an item: cheap toaster
    • Sadly, you've already earned all of our Frequent Traveler Rewards.
  • Between the revamp and Sep 8 2013, players on a Way of the Surprising Fist path were charged full price for 3 adventures.
  • Prior to the revamp on August 30, 2013, trying to take a trip when falling-down drunk gave the message:
"You're too drunk to go on vacation. Which makes sense, somehow. Trust me."
  • Sometime around or before September 22, 2013, the exit choice was changed from "Exit through the gift shop" to "Check out the gift shop" after complaints on the forums that new players might not think there really was a gift shop there.


  • The text and number of adventures, "Sail Away! (3)", likely refers to the Enya song "Orinoco Flow" from her album Watermark. The song's chorus contains the phrase "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away."
  • The phrase "Exit through the gift shop" is a reference to the 2010 movie/documentary directed by Banksy in which an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempts to locate and befriend Banksy.