The Trapper's Cabin

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The Trapper's Cabin sits at the foot of Mt. McLargeHuge, which is located in the Big Mountains. Once you complete the tasks that John the Trapper wants you do, he will trade your yeti furs for some of his own furs.

John the Trapper
John the Trapper

"I'm plumb stocked up on everythin' 'cept yeti furs, Adventurer. If you've got any to trade, I'd be much obliged."

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Yakskin.gif yak skin Yetifur.gif 1
Hskin.gif hippopotamus skin Yetifur.gif 3
Pskin.gif penguin skin Yetifur.gif 5


  • During a Zombie Slayer run, the Trapper will leave as soon as his quest for you is completed; the following text will be displayed:
    As you turn to leave, the trapper says "Thanks for yer help, Adventurer. Now that I'm kitted out proper, I'm gettin' the heck out of here!"

    "You're leaving?"

    "You betcha I'm leavin'! Didn't ye hear? There's zomberts on the warpath! Ye'll be leavin' too if'n ye know what's good fer ye!"

    And with that, he hefts a giant backpack onto his shoulders and heads off into the snow.
    • Afterwards, you will see the following text if you come back to the cabin:
    The trapper left already, and you don't imagine he'll be back for quite a while.