Things Man Was Not Meant to Eat

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Things Man Was Not Meant to Eat

Things Man Was Not Meant to Eat

You feel a twisting inside your gut, a wrenching, as though you were being forced inside-out through a different dimension, through many different dimensions, and in each one there lives a different you with a different life, with different choices made and different paths travelled. An infinity of life experience, though you can only grab onto it for a passing moment.

You note that every one of those paths terminates at a tiny blue pinpoint of light in an otherwise all-encompassing black void. That's a little disconcerting.

Also you ate too much fudge. That stuff is heavy like a chocolate brick. Oof.

Full of Loathing

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Effect number: 1264
Description ID: d90b373695c4e0bcb71d3487de57edd4
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Obtained From


  • This effect gives the following:
+50% Bonus Weapon Damage
+100% Bonus Spell Damage
+20% Combat Initiative
+10 Damage Reduction
+20% Item drops
+20% Meat drops
+10% Pickpocket Chance
+5% Critical Hit Chance