Ticket Redemption Counter

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Ticket Redemption Counter

The Ticket Redemption Counter is found in The Game Grid Arcade.

Bored Teen

The surly, bored teenager behind the ticket counter regards you with a blank stare.

Fabulous Prize: Tickets:
Fingertrap.gif finger cuffs Ggticket.gif 1
Paraguy.gif little parachute guy Ggticket.gif 2
Superball.gif superduperball Ggticket.gif 5
Cpstick.gif coffee pixie stick Ggticket.gif 10
Spiderring.gif plastic spider ring Ggticket.gif 25
Folder1.gif folder (Jackass Plumber) Ggticket.gif 50
Kazoo.gif cheap plastic kazoo Ggticket.gif 100
Inflatabat.gif inflatable baseball bat Ggticket.gif 100
Stardeedle.gif googly-star hat Ggticket.gif 250
Balldeedle.gif googly-ball hat Ggticket.gif 250
Heartdeedle.gif googly-heart hat Ggticket.gif 250
Librarycard.gif Game Grid valued membership card Ggticket.gif 2,000
Radiogaga.gif super-sweet boom box Ggticket.gif 5,000
Headphones.gif Space Trip safety headphones Ggticket.gif 1,000
Sinimask.gif sinister demon mask Ggticket.gif 1,000
Dungeonfistgauntlet.gif Dungeon Fist gauntlet Ggticket.gif 1,000
Champbelt.gif streetfighting champion's belt Ggticket.gif 1,000
Armcannon.gif Meteoid ice beam Ggticket.gif 1,000



  • The intro text originally read:

The surly, bored teenager behind the ticket counter regards you with a blank stare.

You notice a handwritten sign behind him:

"We are aware that several games are broken. The manufacturers have promised to repair them over the course of the next few weeks.

-The Management."