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toy deathbot
toy deathbot

Let's face it; it gets boring having your toys fight each other all the time. I mean, you can only go so far with it before you get depressed about toy's inhumanity to toys, and you end up making them all go AWOL. Well, now you can have them all unite for the common good -- your knights, cowboys, tories, ninjas, and pirates can all team up to fight an unstoppable killing machine from the future. Think of the vicarious lessons you'll learn about cooperation and sharing! Of course, the deathbot will mop the floor with them, but then you'll have room for some new toys!

Type: combat item (reusable)
Selling Price: 79 Meat.

Deals damage in exchange for some of your blood

(In-game plural: toy deathbots)
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Item number: 3068
Description ID: 373536943
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Dollhive.gif 2 iGooglies 3 LED blocks
Equals.gif toy deathbot

When Used

  • In combat:
The toy deathbot announces "REQUISITIONING BIOLOGICAL FUEL RESERVES FOR EXTENDED COMBAT SCENARIO" and jams about 40 tiny tubes into your <bung>, <head>, and <calf>, siphoning your life force to power its terrifying biomechanical laser array, which inflicts X damage. Man, I hate it when the red water comes out.
HPYou lose Y hit points.
  • In combat (if your HP is too low):
There's no way you're letting that horrible deathbot drain your blood when you're THIS close to death. I mean, being beaten up. No one dies in this game.


Y appears to range from 5HP to 10% of your HP, rounded down
X is equal to Y+25
  • The second message appears if the deathbot would have taken too much HP from you. It still counts as a turn in combat.
  • Using two of these items at once via Ambidextrous Funkslinging can result in being Beaten Up.


  • The line about red water is a reference to the Flash series Salad Fingers, specifically the second episode.


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