Ultimate Cage Match

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The Ultimate Cage Match is an event at The Cake-Shaped Arena in which familiars try to beat up their opponent. The event costs 100 Meat, takes 1 adventure, and can earn the familiar between 2 to 5 experience.

The number of rounds that the event will take, and the result, can be determined by finding Fy (your familiar) and Fh (the house familiar).

Fy = 1d5 + By

Fh = 1d5 + Bh

where Bn is the weight bonus for that familiar.

  • Familiars that are unable to perform in this event receive no bonus.
  • Familiars that are weak in this event receive a bonus of their weight - 3.
  • Familiars that are average in this event receive a bonus of their weight.
  • Familiars that are strong in this event receive a bonus of their weight + 3.

The familiar with the higher score wins. (Ties go to your familiar.) The number of rounds will be equal to:

max(2,20 - |Fy - Fh|)

The number of rounds will determine the experience.

  • 12 or fewer rounds: 2 experience
  • 13 rounds: 3 experience
  • 14 rounds: 4 experience
  • 15-20 rounds: 5 experience

For a chart showing how all familiars do in this event, see The Cake-Shaped Arena.


  • Unlike the Obstacle Course, which can have negative results for times, there is a built-in limit to how few rounds the fight can take.