Undead elbow macaroni (summon)

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Undead elbow macaroni

Undead elbow macaroni

The undead elbow macaroni is a Pasta Guardian which Pastamancers can call upon in combat under certain conditions. By using quasi-ethereal macaroni fragments you establish a connection with the macaroni.

The Pastamancer can then summon it during combat. The macaroni does spooky damage throughout the fight.

Combat Messages

  • When summoning it:
You focus your thoughts and call out to <name>. He claws his way up from beneath the ground at your feet.
  • When it hits an opponent:
<name> bites your opponent for X damage.
  • When it adds to your spooky damage:
<name> glares at your opponent with malice in his beady, starchy, undead little eyes.


  • Undead Elbow Macaroni names follow a specific pattern - they begin with a word containing a double consonant and ending with "er", and they end with a word beginning with an "h". Some examples are "Flitterhedge", "Riggerhole", "Betterhover", "Gutterheat", "Jibberhatch", "Dinnerhelix", "Nutterhumor", "Wrapperhats", and "Stutterheave".


  • One of the Pasta Guardians. Guardian summons are limited to 10 per day, or 15 with the Bandolier of the Spaghetti Elemental.
  • Damage ranges from floor(X/2)+5 to (X*2)+5, where X is the level of the guardian.
  • The undead elbow macaroni attacks each round after it is summoned.
  • At level 5, the macaroni starts adding damage when the player causes spooky damage. This applies to all sources of spooky damage including familiar attacks and combat items. The additional damage is within the same range as the macaroni's attack damage.
  • Seemingly identical, in appearance and behavior, to the undead elbow macaroni monster.

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