Unfinished ice sculpture

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unfinished ice sculpture
unfinished ice sculpture

This is a block of ice on a table of snow. It's like a blank sheet of paper on a desk made of chocolate, or a virgin canvas on an easel made of raccoon bones -- a potential masterpiece on a piece of weird furniture.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded

Makes a copy of a monster to fight later

(In-game plural: unfinished ice sculptures)
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Item number: 7079
Description ID: 922017254
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Obtained From

Winter Gardening (3 handfuls of snow berries, 3 ice harvests)

When Used

With a flourish of chisels and chainsaws, you make a passable ice sculpture in the likeness of your foe.
Icesculpt2.gifYou acquire an item: ice sculpture
You've already got an ice sculpture of a mosnter[sic]. You should probably deal with that one before you make another one.
  • Against a monster that can't be copied
This moment is too scary to sculpt.


  • Allows you to copy a monster.
  • Does not stagger the monster.


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