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This Guy

He's been playing KoL for a little while (#640024, 9/15/05), and made a KoL wiKi account a couple of years later so that he could ask a question. At first, he wasn't very involved with the upkeep of the knowledge base of the wiki, usually just puttering around and adding Wikipedia links to the comments in the "Reference" sections of pages here and there. His natural curiosity eventually got the better of him, and he started to take a more active role in asking questions and seeking answers (no hardcore spading, though). However, distractions in the real world once again took him away from nonessential concerns, and now he only pops in to read what the real spades have to say about any new/unobtained content.

He has a store in the mall, Crazy Al's House of Math, where he puts stuff from time to time. He tries to stick to things that will actually sell, to reduce clutter. Part of the reason he started the store was to save up meat to get something special, but he can't remember what it is anymore. The special day finally came when the Traveling Trader arrived bearing Rainbow's Gravity in exchange for strange shiny discs. Having been in hardcore during the shiny disc visit, he had none, so his savings got him a special HCP skill.

For quite a while, he was a member (and for a short span, interim leader, but that really wasn't the ideal situation) of the Veritas Est Humanitas clan. However, he found out that some friends of his had been playing for a while, and had made a clan of their own, The Legion of Kittens, with some of their other friends, so he joined up there (it made more sense).


That's about it, really. If you're into details, you could look at his aggregated run data here.

Oh, Wait

As of the most recent update of this page, he's well on his way to taking forever in the pursuit of the Level 30 trophies, some telescope pieces, and HCP-ing of all the level 14 and 15 skills. Hopefully, it won't distract him too much from the good job he was finally able to get after months of looking.