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|desc=in-game description
|image=image url for image
|smith=1 for meatsmithing components
|cook=1 for cooking ingredients
|cocktail=1 for cocktailcrafting ingredients
|jewelry=1 for jewelrymaking components
|type=type for items with a "Type: " line, like pants, food, etc.
|power=power for weapons and armor
|powertype=type to change what type of power, like "Damage Reduction" for shields.
|stat=Muscle, Mysticality or Moxie
|statreq=requirement for equipment with a stat requirement
|level=level for food/beverage/booze/spleen items (specify '1' if there is no level requirement visible)
|outfit=outfit name for equipment in outfits
|tradeable=0 for untradable items
|autosell=value for autosellable items
|autosell=0 for items that cannot be discarded
|quest=1 for quest items
|gift=1 for gift items
|enchantment=enchantment for enchanted equipment
|critical=1 for items that increase critical hit chance.
|mpreduce=1 for items that reduce MP cost of skills.
|hardcore=0 for items that cannot be equipped in Hardcore.
|limit=1 for items that you can only equip one at a time
|hagnk=1 for items that can be pulled from Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage during Hardcore or Ronin without counting as an item pull}}

Usage Notes

  • Item numbers can be found by following the instructions for one of the approaches discussed in Items by number (usually involves viewing the frame source).
  • Description IDs are found in links to or the location of an item's description page and can again be read using the same view frame source technique used above.
  • Any page which uses this template must also incorporate a metadata page to hold the item's name, plural, and image.