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Account: greycat<br/>
Account: greycat<br>
Hoom Hah (greed): Buulredgore<br/>
Hoom Hah (greed): Buulredgore<br>
Beach (tide): Dth'mur'otep<br/>
Beach (tide): Dth'mur'otep<br>
Bathroom pipes: Chuckgarrum<br/>
Bathroom pipes: Chuckgarrum<br>
Leavesdropping: Kel-red-aba<br/>
Leavesdropping: Kel-red-aba<br>
Pies (crossed): Dur Redze<br />
Pies (crossed): Dur Redze<br>
Vengeance: Ziel'cth'chak
Vengeance: Ziel'cth'chak (or maybe Zielzelty)<br>
Bigg's: Red Redtyzuul<br>
Strange Cube: Ty Waitdth<br>
Infernal Thirst: Denben Zelach
Account: darkgreycat<br/>
Account: darkgreycat<br/>

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Account: greycat
Hoom Hah (greed): Buulredgore
Beach (tide): Dth'mur'otep
Bathroom pipes: Chuckgarrum
Leavesdropping: Kel-red-aba
Pies (crossed): Dur Redze
Vengeance: Ziel'cth'chak (or maybe Zielzelty)
Bigg's: Red Redtyzuul
Strange Cube: Ty Waitdth
Infernal Thirst: Denben Zelach

Account: darkgreycat
Hoom Hah (greed): Red'tarben
Sonofa Beach: Vox Barzel
Friars' Gate: El'Bobxen
Bathroom: Dth-rum-aba
Pies: Gore-xen-nya

Account: lightgreycat
Greed (Hoom Hah): Beel'fun'rip
Flaming Whip (Leavesdropping): Oo Achden
Tide (Seashell): Vug'dthkel
Taint (Pipes): Ler'ty'ach

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