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Growing fourth generation mushrooms

The gloomy black mushroom can also be produced in the mushroom plot, although the process for doing so is complicated by the involvement of moon phases in the breeding. The oily golden mushroom is obtained by exchanging a gloomy black mushroom outside the plot, so the essential strategy in this section is the production of the gloomy black mushrooms in a timely and efficient manner.

The first consideration is when planting should begin. The adult frozen mushroom(s) and spooky mushroom(s) must be in place on the first moxie day. The breeding of the gloomy black mushroom spore will only occur at rollover on that day, generating the new spore when the moons both turn dark.

Since one of the adult mushrooms involved in the breeding is a third-generation mushroom, which takes six days to reach maturity, planting must begin no later than the day immediately after the second muscle day (the first day when Grimace is waning gibbous). The maximum number of gloomy black mushrooms which can be produced by starting on this day is six. If planting begins two days earlier (on the first muscle day), a maximum of eight mushrooms can be produced.

Day 1
dirt dirt dirt dirt
dirt dirt dirt dirt
dirt dirt dirt dirt
dirt dirt dirt dirt
Knoll mushroom dirt spooky mushroom dirt
dirt dirt dirt Knob mushroom
Knob mushroom dirt dirt dirt
dirt spooky mushroom dirt Knoll mushroom
Begin as you normally would for breeding third-generation mushrooms. The red squares may be filled in with additional first-generation spores to harvest the next day.
Mushroom.gif Mushroom Fields Strategy - edit
1st Generation Mushrooms: Knoll mushroom | Knob mushroom | spooky mushroom
2nd Generation Mushrooms: warm mushroom | cool mushroom | pointy mushroom
3rd Generation Mushrooms: flaming mushroom | frozen mushroom | stinky mushroom
4th Generation Mushrooms: gloomy black mushroom | oily golden mushroom