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random data to build on, not formatted, careful or your eyes will bleed

Drop rate for evil paper umbrella, for the 14th & 15th

I started with 10 turns of the listed +item% effects, and received the 14th on my first adventure.

I didn't use the Disco Concentration combo, and didn't have any strung-up quartet songs active.

Of the 9 turns spent farming for the last umbrella, only 5 were valid since I encountered 4 furs.

Equipped with the following: miner's helmet +5% pixel boomerang +5% Volartta's bellbottoms +0% lucky rabbit's foot +7% lucky rabbit's foot +7% (yes, 2 of them) Baron von Ratsworth's moncle +10%

The following +item% effects are active: Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric +20% Object Detection +5% Peeled Eyeballs +15% One Very Clear Eye +100%

Using 20 lb Baby Gravy fairy with: Eyepod +5 Empathy +5 Heavy Petting +5 for 35 lbs total, so +75.87%

The following passive skill is active: Mad Looting Skillz +20%

Total +item = +269.87%

Therefore the drop rate for the 15th evil paper umbrella is less than 37% (but I don't see where else it's spaded currently.--Hastifer 20:06, 2 March 2010 (UTC)