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For those that are curious, I'm a terrible hardcorer* with a not-half-bad softcore multi, Edwin the Fantastic, which I play considerably more (if you know me in chat at all, it's probably as Edwin rather than Id).

I stop playing periodically, then return to the game; if I seem absent for a while, I'll probably be back.

My current project is to pull a 2-day (softcore) 100% run with each of my 33 familiars, plus no familiar, plus probably the other three gravy fairies once I can be bothered to pick them up. I'm currently something like 20% of the way done with that, though that'll change.

The sub-project, of course, is to make as many of these familiar-leaderboard-quality as possible:





*In actuality, I suffer from two problems. 1. I hate oxycore. 2. I prefer softcore to hardcore. These two factors combine to result in a very underwhelming performance from my hardcore account, except when Edwin is also in hardcore, at which times I devote decent attention to both of them.

Edwin: #534181
Id: #248279

And here, for my own purposes, is a collection of things that I continually have to make several clicks on the wiki to find:

More to come as I think to add them.