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I've been playing since September 16 of 2004. I am most certainly not a power gamer, but I have played through a few ascensions. In fact, I'm an Accordion Thief and half of a Seal Clubber away from having completed an Oxycore run as every class in the game. Seeing as I'm not a power gamer and still doing so well, I'm rather proud of that. I also have a ton of familiars, which I'm also proud of.


Date Days Level Class Type Skill Notes
06/09/05 266 15 Sauceror n/a Advanced Saucecrafting For the longest time I thought I would go on like this forever.
08/29/05 82 11 Pastamancer Hardcore Oxygenarian Pastamastery After 3 months of not eating, I just wanted to get this one over with. I'm not sure why getting all the Cooking skills seemed important. I probably wasn't in the Oxycore mindset at the time.
11/14/05 80 13 Disco Bandit Softcore No Path Advanced Cocktailcrafting I had never played a class that wasn't Magicalness based before, and I wanted a test run before I Oxycore'd it up. Then I got bored and the ascension took forever.
05/05/06 74 13 Sauceror Hardcore Oxygenarian Advanced Saucecrafting By this time I had decided I was going to Oxycore every class. I had gotten to play with the plexiglass pocketwatch and I decided I wanted all the plexiglass items. I also stopped to screw around for a couple of months before ascending again. I'm not sure why I took Saucecrafting, except maybe I was planning for future Hardcore runs after I was done with the Oxycores.
07/17/06 73 12 Turtle Tamer Hardcore Oxygenarian Amphibian Sympathy I was really worried about playing a melee class at first. Then I got really into it. This was my fastest ascension ever, at just over 2 months total. I know I ascend slowly, but I'm lazy and I have fun. I took Sympathy because I've always been big on my Familiars.
11/25/06 133 12 Disco Bandit Hardcore Oxygenarian Ambidextrous Funkslinging I had originally planned to take Cocktailcrafting again so it would be a Hardcore permanent, but I played him differently this time, and I really liked Funkslinging. Two items at once is especially useful against the NS. Then I got back to school and all hell broke loose, resulting in my third overblown ascension.
(current) Seal Clubber Hardcore Oxygenarian Double-Fisted Skull Smashing I wasn't sure what to expect here. I'd played a TT, so I knew what a melee class is like, but the TT had the benefit of the Butt attacks. I have friends who swear by Thrust-smacks though, so I didn't think it would be so bad. I'm doing alright. I'm just not sure how long it will take.
(projected) Accordion Thief Hardcore Oxygenarian Torso Awaregness I'm not looking forward to being a Buffbot, but I really want that Pendant. Never Fumble and 30% Moxie more than make up for the only class-specific effect on a plexiglass item. Plus, since I'm about as likely to buff after this run as Jick is to create a new item for me, I can take Torso Awaregness!