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Newvipleft.gif Viptop.gif Newvipright.gif
  Fireworks.gif Clanstairsup.gif
Hottub.gif Fortuneteller.gif Mrklaw2.gif
Newvipleft.gif Viptop.gif Newvipright.gif
Lookingglass.gif Tree5.gif Clanstairsdown.gif
Speakeasy.gif Aprilshower.gif  
Vippooltable.gif   Faxmachine.gif
Hotdogstand.gif Vippool.gif  

The VIP Lounge appears in the Clan Hall to those clan members with a Clan VIP Lounge key.

It always contains:

The first floor may also contain the following:

The second floor may contain any or all of the following:


  • Attempting to enter the VIP Lounge while in Bad Moon:
You stroll into the VIP Lounge, but your cursed presence is not very welcome. Cursing the moon, you head back to the clan hall proper.
You attempt to sneak into the VIP Lounge, but the clan bouncer bounces you. Bounced!
  • When doing a standard run, if a piece of equipment is out of schedule, its place (even if the clan doesn't have that item) will have:
Vip trendy.gif
  • If a Clan containing VIP lounge items from Mr. Store (but not those from other sources) is disbanded, whoever installed the items in the lounge will receive the items in a KMail:
From (Clan Leader)
Date: (Time of Disbanding)
The clan <clanname> has been disbanded. As a courtesy, they've decided to return your stuff.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


  • During a stealth update on April 30, 2015, the VIP Lounge was divided into two floors. Previously, the Lounge looked like this.
Newvipleft.gif Viptop.gif Newvipright.gif
Lookingglass.gif Faxmachine.gif Tree5.gif
Aprilshower.gif Vippooltable.gif Vippool.gif
Speakeasy.gif Hotdogstand.gif
Hottub.gif Mrklaw2.gif
  • With the addition of the speakeasy, the Lounge was expanded past its old 3x3 grid. It used to look like this:
Vipleft.gif Viptop.gif Vipright.gif
Lookingglass.gif Faxmachine.gif Tree5.gif
Aprilshower.gif Vippooltable.gif Vippool.gif
Hottub.gif Hotdogstand.gif Mrklaw2.gif