Vampire duck-on-a-string

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vampire duck-on-a-string
vampire duck-on-a-string

There aren't too many things one can say about a duck-on-a-string. This one, though, has painted-on bullet holes which ooze painted-on blood, and sharp wooden fangs in its mouth. And it occasionally moves when you're not pulling it.

Type: weapon (1-handed flail)
Damage: 10 - 20
Muscle Required: 35
Selling Price: 111 Meat.

Weapon Damage +5
+5% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: vampire ducks-on-strings)
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Item number: 2136
Description ID: 546312760
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Crimboweentruck-30px.gif 1 spooky length of string 2 evil googly eyes 2 spooky wooden blocks 2 spooky toy wheels
Equals.gif vampire duck-on-a-string


Vampire duck, won't you cluck, and bite for X damage? Vampire duck, won't you cluck, won't you cluck? BONK! BOINK! KERBLAM!
You count X damage points as the vampire duck sinks its fangs into your opponent. Good night out there, whatever you are. WHAMMO! SPLAT! ZOT!
You dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and slam <it> in the back with your duckula, for X damage. ZOT! ZAP! BAM!
You flail at <it> with your vampire duck-on-a-string, hitting for X damage. Isn't it just too damn real, vampire duck on a string? BIFF! ZOT! BONK!
You shout, "DUCK!" and smack <it> with the vampire duck-on-a-string. You <both/all> enjoy a good laugh, as <it> takes X damage. BOINK! BAM! WHACK!
You smack <it> with your vampire duck-on-a-string. The duck sinks its fangs into <its> body, draining X points' worth of precious, precious ichor. BOINK! BONK! ZOT!
You swing the vampire duck-on-a-string at <it>. Its dark wings flap in the night, inspiring X points' worth of terror in your opponent BOINK! SPLAT! BARF!



  • The item description refers to a toy duck created by vampires, seen in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • One of the hit messages for the vampire duck-on-a-string, "You dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and slam him in the back with your duckula" is a reference to the Rob Zombie song "Dragula", as well as a reference to the British cartoon series Count Duckula.
  • "Good night out there, whatever you are" was said by the narrator at the end of every episode of the cartoon series Count Duckula, which featured a vampire duck as the main character.
  • "Vampire duck, won't you cluck?" is a reference to the song "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden.
  • The "Isn't it just too damn real?" hit message refers to the song "One White Duck" by Jethro Tull.
  • Another hit message references Darkwing Duck, a comedic "Batman"-esque superhero who always billed himself as "The terror that flaps in the night."
  • The hit message "you count X damage" is a reference to Count von Count, from Sesame Street, also a vampire.

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