Voulez-vous manger avec moi?

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Voulez-vous manger avec moi?
Voulez-vous manger avec moi?

As you belly up to the barrr, wondering if you can order a soda without getting beaten to a bloody pulp, a pirate steps on your toe. "Arrrrgh!" you shout, accidentally speaking perfect pirate for the first time in your life.

"Arrr to ye as well, mate," the pirate says. "I be heartily sorry for stepping on yer piggie, there. May I buy ye a drink to make it right?"

"Actually," you say, "I don't eat or drink. I'm kind of a boyscout that way."

The pirate looks at you like you've just confessed you like to dress squirrels in funny outfits and make them ballroom dance. "Ye don't drink? Nor eat? Blisterin' barrrnacles, mate, how do ye live?"

"Well," you say, "there's some kind of weird loophole for candy and magic potions, so I survive off of those. I may not live as full a life as some people, but it's a much longer, healthier life."

"Well, I'll wager it seems longer, at least," the pirate says, then addresses the barrrtender. "Hey, Paddy! Hook this scallywag up with our finest pirate marrrmalade, and put it on me tab!" Paddy hands the pirate a jarrr, and the pirate holds it up for you to see. "Seems to me this'd be pretty much candy," he says, "it's made by a spooky voodoo lady who lives in the swamps by the Camp Logging Camp."

Marmalade.gifYou acquire an item: jar of "Creole Lady" marrrmalade

Occurs at Barrrney's Barrr on Oxygenarian ascensions.


  • The item acquired refers to the Labelle song "Lady Marmalade," known for the lyric 'voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?'
  • The adventure title is French for "Do you want to eat with me?"
  • The voodoo lady is reference to the Voodoo Lady from the Monkey Island series of games.
  • "Blisterin' barrrnacles" is a variation on a favourite phrase of Captain Haddock of the Tintin comic books.
  • The remarks about life being or seeming longer are references to how much longer it takes to ascend as an oxygenarian.