Witchess Puzzles

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Witchess Puzzles
Witchess Puzzles

Your Witchess set came with a bunch of chess puzzles you can set up on the board and solve -- apparently the board checks the solutions for you automagically, which is pretty convenient.

Some of the puzzles look pretty hard, but fortunately there's a tutorial section.

Tutorial puzzles

Play 37 tutorial puzzles.

Daily Challenge

Play 5 randomly chosen puzzles. See the Daily Challenge section below for details.


Occurs at your Campground via Your Witchess Set.


The Line
  • In every puzzle, you must draw a single line from the green square in one corner to the red square in the opposite corner.
  • The line must not intersect itself.
  • You can draw the line by clicking or tapping line sections or by using the arrow or WASD keys.
Black and White
  • Pieces of different colors must not share the same region. This is accomplished by drawing your line to separate the board into regions.
Piece Image Rules
Pawn Chess bpawn.gif Must be enclosed in a one-square region
Multiple Pawn, Rook, and Knight pieces may share a single region. The shared region must be a contiguous shape that contains all required shapes without overlapping.
Pieces can sit anywhere within a shared region -- they do not have to sit within their own shape.
Ox Chess box.gif Must be enclosed in a 2x2 square region
Knight Chess bknight.gif Must be enclosed in an L-shaped region as shown on the piece. This shape may be rotated but not mirrored.
Bishop Chess bbishop.gif Must touch the line on exactly 1 edge
Rook Chess brook.gif Must touch the line on exactly 2 edges
King Chess bking.gif Must touch the line on exactly 3 edges
Queen Chess bqueen.gif The Queen must be paired in a region with exactly one other piece of the same color.

Queens ignore Queens of the opposite color, meaning that you may place two White Queens and two Black Queens together in one region. However, Queens do not ignore Queens of the same color, so you may not group more than two Queens of the same color.

Witch Chess bwitch.gif The Witch must be grouped with a piece whose conditions are not satisfied. Both the Witch and the unsatisfied piece will be cancelled, meaning that they will be ignored by the rest of the puzzle. Additional pieces can be grouped with a Witch and its mate. Multiple Witches in the same region will each pair with one unsatisfied piece.

Note that the Witch must be grouped with an unsatisfied piece, otherwise she will be unsatisfied.

See the rules document by user jolson42 for more illustrations.

Daily Challenge

The daily challenge consists of 5 puzzles, semi-randomly selected. Selection is randomized for each player and seems to be biased toward giving lower-numbered puzzles first. Puzzles were designed to increase in difficulty up to the range of 50-60, at which point the staff stopped ranking them for difficulty. (Source) The daily challenge will not give a puzzle the player has previously solved, if possible.

Upon completing all 5 puzzles in the challenge, you will acquire a familiar weight bonus that increases in power with the total number of puzzles you've solved.

Chessset.gifYou acquire an effect: Puzzle Champ
(duration: 25 Adventures)
  • You may browse through all 5 puzzles and play them in any order. Successfully completing a puzzle marks it with the message "Solved Today".
  • There are a total of 150 daily challenge puzzles.
  • If you have previously solved all available puzzles, you get the effect immediately upon viewing the daily challenge and get 5 random puzzles from the pool to play for fun.
Looks like you've solved these all before! Go you!
Chessset.gifYou acquire an effect: Puzzle Champ
(duration: 25 Adventures)
  • The daily challenge resets on ascension. The record of puzzles that the player has solved does not reset.

Puzzles and Solutions


  • It is unknown how many daily challenge puzzles existed when the Witchess set was introduced, but HotStuff indicated that the staff would continue to add puzzles incrementally until they reach their target puzzle count.
  • The 150th puzzle was not available to some players until a bugfix on March 28.


  • The Witchess puzzles function almost exactly the same way as the panel puzzles from the puzzle adventure game The Witness. The symbols on the pieces and their mechanics likewise correspond to symbols in The Witness.