You Beat Shub to a Stub, Bub

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You Beat Shub to a Stub, Bub
You Beat Shub to a Stub, Bub

A booming Mer-kin voice says, "FINISH HIM!" You choose to believe it's talking to you, rather than about you, and deliver one final devastating blow to the God of Violence.

He sinks to the temple's floor, and the bio-electric lights on his ancient flesh wink out one-by-one. Then there is only darkness, save for one last glint of evil in his malevolent eye...

Oh, wait. That's not evil glinting in there. That's treasure!

The Eyes Have It

You dig into the eye and get yourself some loot. Finally!

Karma.gifYou acquire an item: Instant Karma

As a Seal Clubber:

Vio boots.gifYou acquire an item: Ass-Stompers of Violence

As a Turtle Tamer:

Vio brand.gifYou acquire an item: Brand of Violence

As a Pastamancer:

Vio buckle.gifYou acquire an item: Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence

As a Sauceror:

Vio lens.gifYou acquire an item: Lens of Violence

As a Disco Bandit:

Vio knife.gifYou acquire an item: Pigsticker of Violence

As a Accordion Thief:

Vio pants.gifYou acquire an item: Jodhpurs of Violence

Occurs at Mer-kin Temple.


  • The outfit piece you acquire is dependent on your current class.
  • Occurs as part of the gladiator path


  • The booming voice ordering "FINISH HIM!" comes from the Mortal Kombat series.